Terms of business

A minimum charge applies to all bookings, until the value of the booking exceeds the minimum charge.

Pet urine treatment, soil filtration, dark edge scrubbing, bleach spots, and red dye stains may require additional charges. This also applies to any professional stain removal, pet treatments, Scotchgard protector, deodorising, Flame Retardant, Anti-static shock, Deodorisation, Sanitising, Anti-microbial and Odour elimination

Pet insecticide treatment may not be effective in one treatment. A second application may be necessary to remove fleas, carpet moth and other carpet pests. Pet treatment includes a deodoriser as an addition to the pet insecticide.

We are happy to move light furniture like chairs, coffee tables, etc. Moving heavy furniture like beds, dressers, china cabinets, sofas, etc. may involve an added charge if second technician required.

If special offers are available they cannot be combined with other offers

Additional charges may apply if the property has restricted access and parking, have multi-storey floor levels without an elevator or longer commuting distances to and from a domestic property.

Prices displayed are based on average room sizes. Larger room sizes may be subject to slightly increased costs, which will be agreed upon on-site.

All quoted prices include Vat at the current rate.

All quoted prices are for domestic households only.

The “Stairway” item within the carpet cleaning category is equivalent to 13 steps.

All prices supplied are subject to inspection on arrival.

Stains cannot be guaranteed to be removed.

We will not be held responsible for pre-existing damage caused by bleaching agents, Colour fading as a result of exposure to light or cleaning products prior to our attendance or wear, Cigarette smoke that may cause a permanent discolouration or stains that have been ‘set’ due to DIY attempts.

Stain protection may temporarily change the texture/feel of the fabric. This will return to normal after use/vacuuming in normal use.

Leather Cleaning is followed by a conditioner as standard. If you require a clean only, please state otherwise you will receive and be charged for a clean and condition.

We are not liable for the following-

Marks appearing on the face of upholstery fabric, caused by print on the back of the fabric/or from padding or interlining which was invisible at the start of work, Parting of seams that have not been properly fastened by either, heat seaming or sewing, Damage arising on fabric due to previous cleaning or wear, Pile shading of fabric caused by light reflections as a consequence of usage.

Minimum order charge of £58.75 per job.

Payment is due on completion of work, invoices can be raised if it has been agreed prior to work commencing.

Payments accepted- Cash, Bacs payment, Debit Card or Credit Card (we accept payment of debit card free of charge on orders over £100.00. Orders under this will incur a £1.00 surcharge. Credit card payment will incur a charge of 2.5% of total due) Card payments can be taken over the telephone and a full receipt will be sent in the post for your conformation. We carry a mobile chip and pin card payment machine.

On Arrival, we will carry out an inspection to verify the cleaning method you have selected is the most appropriate for your carpets and or Upholstery. We reserve the right to alter prices with prior agreement if we feel the method chosen is not appropriate.

If you are at all unhappy with the service that you have been provided with, you need to have contacted us within 14 days from the job being completed, for a free revisit.

All quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of quoting. If the condition of the carpets has changed in the 30 days including the use or service of another carpet cleaning machine/ company, prices may vary. All written quotations are inclusive of labour travel products and are not subject to change.

If any unforeseen damage occurs to your property you need to notify us within 7days of job completion, anything claimed after this period of time will be invalid.

Oriental rug cleaning service (collection and delivery) will require a 50% deposit due on collection and the remanding 50% due on delivery.

Kesgrave carpet care will not be held responsible for any damages that have occurred prior to their arrival at a job.

If you cancel your job less than 24 hours prior to the work being scheduled to take place, you will be charged a minimum charge of £58.75.

We have the right to refuse to move furnishings If we do not feel comfortable moving furnishings due to weight and or size.