Frequantly asked questions:

What areas do you cover?
We cover most parts of Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. We are also willing to travel further afield depending on the work required. Please contact us for further details.
Will the carpets get dirty quickly after you have cleaned them?
No we do not leave any sticky products in the carpets or upholstery that will attract soil.
Someone else has cleaned my carpets and old stains keep reappearing can you stop this?
Normally stains will reappear if a sticky product has been used that allows soil to attract to the treated area, in which case we can remove such products.
Do you guarantee to remove all stains?
We can guarantee to improve any stains that have not been cleaned with house hold products prior to our attendance, the results of stain removal will depend on a number of factors, please ask for more info.
How long will my carpets and upholstery take to dry?
Drying times can vary depending on what method of cleaning has been used, air flow and humidity will have an effect on those drying times. Drying times can vary from 25minutes to 24 hours. On average they take between 4-6 hours.
How often should I have my carpets and upholstery cleaned?
The industry recommend a once a year cleaning programme to maintain and prevent carpet replacement.
Can you apply Scotchgard protection?
Yes, however the protection is only effective on certain fibres and fabrics.
Do we need to vacuum the carpets before your arrival?
No, we will carry out a power vacuum, but we would appreciate it if any loose items and litter are removed.
Does the furniture have to be removed from the rooms where the carpets are to be cleaned?
We ask if as much furniture can be removed from the rooms as possible. If all small items can be moved out so we can move sofas, dining tables etc. We do not move large cabinets or sofas etc that are extremely heavy without prior notice as we may need a second person. Please select move furnishings on the quote page if this applies. We know it is not ideal to remove all furniture especially if a whole house is being cleaned.
I have heard that carpet cleaning can actually damage my carpets and shorten the lifespan, is this true?
No, having your carpets cleaned by trained professionals will actually prolong the life of your carpets and if cleaned regularly they will last up to twice as long.
I have phoned a few companies for a quotation, some have given me a price over the phone. Why do you need to come and have a look to give me a quote?
Any company that can quote you over the phone, without having a look at the job first, you should be very cautious about. Until you are on site and can see the level of soiling, any staining, identifying the fibre and construction and any other factors that need to be accounted for, you cannot be given a quote.
Can wool carpets be cleaned?
Yes, wool and other natural fibres can be cleaned using appropriate products. DIY products can damage these natural fibres and some carpet cleaners using the wrong products can strip the natural feel and stain resister built in the fibre reducing its life.
What damage can be caused to wool carpets if not cleaned correctly?
The most common damage is bleaching the fibres. Another common effect is rapid resoling. This can happen on any fibre and is due to a detergent being used that leaves a sticky residue that allows everyday soil and dust stick to the product still left in the fibre, rather than being vacuumed out. This will also make the pile stick together causing the carpet to wear out very quickly. This can usually be treated by flushing a neutraliser through the fibres. Next time you attempt to use a diy machine or spot cleaner, call us for advice. You may find that you will make the appearance worse and the need of replacement might come around the corner a little earlier than usual.
Do you carry risk assessments, MSDS folders and public/product/ employee liability insurance?
We carry all the necessary risk assessments, carry all product information sheets, public liability insurance up to £2,000,000, product and treatment risk up to £2,000,000 and £10,000,000 employers liability insurance. These are all here in the unlikely event of damage being cause to you, you property and our staff. Many companies public liability insurance does not cover their product. If there are any problems with our products then we are fully insured.
How much will it cost me to have my carpets and upholstery cleaned?
Please see our calculating page that will give you an estimate on line. Please provide all information as accurately as possible to give you the most accurate quotation.
How long will the cleaning process take?
Depending on how many rooms, what size sofas and whether the working area is clear will all depend. The lighter the clean carried out also means less time involved. After completing our calculation form, it will give you a rough idea on how long the process will take.
Will my leather be ready for use when you have finished cleaning and conditioning?
The leather cleaning process is all cleaned by hand and at the end of each stage of the clean, the leather needs to be dry. Once the clean is completed, a conditioner is applied and then buffed to the finished result and Ready for use.
When will the carpets be ready for use again?
As soon as the cleaning process has been completed, your carpets are ready for use again. You can walk on the carpets as long as your feet are clean as we don’t leave any sticky residues in the carpet to cause damage or to re-attract soil. If you need to put furniture back in the rooms, please ensure any wooden or metal feet have something protective under them, i.e. tin foil to prevent rust or furniture dye transferring and causing permanent stains
Can you clean my woven carpet- i have heard that they can shrink?
We can adapt one of our methods to suit 95% of all carpets and their construction. Depending on the soil levels it may be necessary to carry out two cleans to prevent shrinkage.
I Had a synthetic carpet cleaned before by steam and it had a rippled effect when dry- Why is this?
If you have a synthetic carpet that has a layer of latex glue in the construction, if a steam cleaner is to be used, this can melt the glue due to the extreme temperature and cause the carpet to come away from its backing that gives it strength and support. Once this has happened your carpet will wear out very quick. This can also occur with dry cleaning using a solvent extraction machine. The solvent will break down the glue and cause it to delaminate. This can also happen if a carpet is cleaned with a domestic carpet cleaning machine, you cannot remove all of the moisture and if the glue has moisture around it for a long period of time, same thing can happen just at a slower rate.
What happens if you cause damage to my carpets and soft furnishing?
To date, we have never caused any damage to any carpets or upholstery due to being professionally trained. We look and test all fibres and fabrics before committing ourselves as we do not want to cause damage. As professionals we are trained to identify problems before it is too late. This is why we are one of the only companies that have 8 methods available to provide you with the best results with no damage. If you have had a carpet cleaner before, ask yourself- did they look in detail at the carpet and if they are at risk of causing damage. Most carpet and upholstery cleaners have no idea of the damage they can cause, until it is too late.
What Payment methods do you accept?
Debit card transactions are free of charge on orders over £100.00- under £100.00 a small fee of £1.00 will be added to the bill. Credit card transactions are charged at 2.5% of the total bill and will be added to the total. Cash payments are happily accepted and BACS transfers. If invoices are required, prior agreement is needed. If no agreement in place, payment is due on completion of works.
Are you VAT registered?
We are VAT registered. It is good to know that your Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners are well established and have the repeat customers to prove that they are worth every penny spent
Are you able to clean my flat?-There is no parking and it is on the 3rd floor with no elevator?
We are able to carry out this type of work. We need to book in for a second person to help carry the equipment up the stairs and from the van. An additional charge may be necessary if car park required and time consuming.
How much equipment do you bring?
Unlike most cleaning companies that can clean carpets, we have all the equipment we will ever require to achieve the best results. These are professional machines and products which you could not fit into the back of a car or small van. A single person could not carry these upstairs without a second person. This is due to health and safety and the fact that we would not want to injure ourselves, others or damage the equipment.
Someone told me that a truck mount machine is required to achieve the best results?
We do not have truck mounted machines due to our working area and weather. They are quicker to set up and pack away, however not idea for most of the properties we visit. Lack of parking, yellow lines, and pipes dragging on the pavement and into your house are just some of the problems. All companies that use a truck mount use a portable machine for jobs that the truck mount is not suited for. We use the space for our other 7 methods to ensure you receive the best results.
Do you guarantee your work?
We guarantee that we will provide you with the best clean available without causing damage. Some soiling, odours, stains shading can be permanent. We will be able to remove all soiling and stains to the standards possible. Lots of factors will depend on the results available.
Do you match your prices against other companies?
We are more than happy to match our prices to other companies on a like for like basis. You will find out that there are not many companies that are professionals and therefore there prices will be based on an untrained technician, domestic equipment and corners being cut. The biggest corner to be cut and is the most crucial is the power vacuum. If this is not carried out and moisture is applied to the area, your results will be limited. This is the first step to remove to reduce the price, however we will only complete the clean will all steps carried out to ensure you will use us again and have no problems or complaints.
How can we trust your company to carry out the works?
We know how to carry out the work, but if you don’t know us, how do you know we won’t cut a corner? Speak to our customers and see what they say. We have hundreds of feedback forms that ask previous customers if we can contact them for some feedback. We will be able to show you as many forms as you like and you can call our customers to see what they think. Don’t take our word for it, take it from customers like yourself that were asking all the same questions as you are.
I had my lounge and bedroom cleaned and it only took 30mins, why will it take you longer?
We power vacuum any carpet before we start as preparation, once we have prepared the rooms we will set up the method of cleaning required. Depending on the depth of clean etc it will certainly take us longer than this to clean properly. The only way to clean a carpet in this time is to cut some important corners that you will find out later down the line. The lightest clean we provide would probably take about 1hour, our deepest clean may take 3.5 hours
How busy are you?
We are booked for around a week in advance, however if you have an urgent job, please contact us to see if we can move one of our empty properties to the evening to fit your works in.
Do you book an exact time and date for our appointment?
Yes we will. Due to traffic and other jobs in the day, we will contact you to let you know if we will be running late or early. We will not rush our previous customer’s job to be at yours on time, but we will contact you, to inform you of our eta.

If you have any questions not answered here, please get in touch