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Carpet cleaning

We provide 8 different methods of cleaning carpets that are split into 3 main categories. We use the categories to ensure you don’t end up paying too much for a deeper clean than needed, and vice versa not paying enough that you are not happy with the results. There are not many carpets we cannot clean at a reasonable price.

The categories are –

Preventative Care- There are four main method used in this category to ensure your carpets prevent deep down soiling. The idea of these methods is to carry out a light surface clean where soil levels are light to normal and are carried out on a regular basis. This type of clean will ensure the life of your carpet is extended and will look as good as new every day. You may not see much difference each and every time this clean is carried out however, if it is the right clean for your carpet, you are achieving the results that you have set out for.

Light surface soiling Carpets up to 2years old
No spills
No heavy traffic lanes (unless this method used regularly)

Corrective care- We can provide 3 different methods of cleaning for this category. These methods are used for carpets that have normal to high soil levels. This is the type of clean you may require if your carpets have regular traffic, spills and carry through traffic that pushes soil towards the backing of your carpet. These methods will take more time to carry out than preventive care as, the soiling is further down and therefore more solutions, labour and equipment is necessary.

Normal soiling
Carpets up to 5years old
Some spills, traffic areas visible
Carpets starting to show wear

medium soil

Salvage Treatment- There is one main method of salvage treatment but different carpets may require specialist additives depending on the circumstances. This is a treatment to remove heavily compacted soiling from the backing of the carpet. This method can produce results that you may not think are possible for a fraction of the cost of replacement. The downside to this method is that it will take longer to dry than the other categories and longer to carry the clean out but will give you impressive results when needed.

Heavy soiling
Carpets have never been cleaned
Replacement maybe an option for you
Carpet pile and colour is not recognisable

heavy soil

All of the different methods under each category have different pros and cons that only we as professionals can decide on. The lighter the clean required, the less the clean will cost, the heavyier soiled your carpet maybe, the cheaper option may be more attractive but you will not be happy with the results.

Our methods and advice are available to ensure you pay for the clean you need. Try not to have a cheaper clean than you need as you may only remove some of the soiling, leaving you with a dull carpet due to soil still being trapped at the base of the pile.
Some factors that you can be mistaken with heavy soiling in carpets are-
Worn patches, fading and shading also known as pile reversal.
We will make you a wear of any damage that might occur from using a cleaning method and will recommend a different method to prevent damage being caused. You are having your carpets cleaned because you want them looking better, not to cause damage to them.
If you are not sure what type of clean you require, contact us for more advice.

Upholstery cleaning

We have 4 methods we use for upholstery cleaning. Each method is again tailored to suit your individual requirements.  We offer a dry cleaning service as an alternative to wet cleaning subject to pre-testing. Dry cleaning is only used when fibres are sensitive to water based solutions. This includes shrinkage and stretching, dyes bleeding or piping causing shrinkage.  We will always test to check for shrinking, stretching, dye/colour transfer, filling materials, stain removal and strength in water to prevent any damage from occurring.  We can tailor our methods to carry out a lighter clean on areas normally to the back and sides of the carcass, and a deeper clean to used areas. This allows the upholstery to carryon looking its best and reducing wear throughout.
We will clean every square inch of your upholstery. With our lightest clean we will pass over every inch of the fabric at least 3 times to complete all the stages of the clean. The deeper the clean the more stages involved.

Leather / Vinyl cleaning

We can clean and condition pigmented leather, which is the most common leather found in households. We can perform a dry cleaning method for aniline, nubuck and suede. Once pigmented leather has been cleaned, a conditioner will be applied to moisten the leather ensuring it does not dry out and cause cracks. The cleaning process requires us to remove all loose and dry dust and soil before we apply any Solutions to start breaking the soil down. We apply the correct strength of product using a Tampico soft natural fibre brush to loosen all soiling from the leather. We then remove the soil using terry towels in a neutralizing agent to remove the cleaning solution, loose soil and leave it product free. Now the leather is completely free from soil, we apply a conditioner to moisten and buff to a slight shine. We only carry out a clean and condition as just the clean can dry the leather too much causing it to crack and wear out quicker. If you have cleaned you leather, you may be taking the moisture away that is vital to extend the life.

Headboards, mattresses and curtains

All mattresses are cleaned and sanitised with an extraction method. Cleaning mattresses is normally to ensure your mattress is healthy, sanitised and bacteria free. The Clean will provide you with a completely sanitised mattress allowing peace of mind for the perfect sleep. Curtains can be cleaned on site or off site, depending on the condition and soil levels. We offer a dry cleaning service or wet clean and to make life easy for you, an onsite clean can be very attractive. Head board cleaning is similar to mattresses, normal soiling can be slightly greasy from hair and can be removed without causing any damage.

Area & oriental rug cleaning

We specialise in Oriental, Chinese, Persian, Silk and all other hand woven rugs. In addition we clean machine made area rugs of both natural and synthetic fibre. All rugs are cleaned offsite, with free collection and delivery. The reason for offsite cleaning is that rugs are very delicate and need a lot of time and care to clean thoroughly without causing damage. Due to the construction and dying of hand woven rugs there are many factors and solutions that have to be accounted for to guarantee a successful clean. We beat the rugs first to remove all the dry fine soil acting like sandpaper at the base of the fibre. Once this has been carried out, we will then clean your rug by hand using either water based clean or solvent based clean (dry). Once the main area of the rug has been cleaned, we will then (if required) treat the fringes with an oxidising agent to brighten and give you the best result possible. We then wrap the rug ready for delivery at a convenient time and day.
Area rugs can be cleaned onsite if the conditions are correct and a fitted carpet or upholstery is being cleaned at the same time. This can also be more cost effective if you rug is not handmade.

Additional treatments

We offer additional treatments to brand new carpets and upholstery, such as Scotchgard protection and upholstery protection. This is subject to pre-testing as not all carpets or upholstery benefit from this.
We also offer the following to cleaned carpets and upholstery:

  • Protection (Scotchgard) (best applied to wool and nylon fibre)
  • Flame Retardant (Mainly Commercial and let homes)
  • Anti-static shock (areas with lots of electrical currents)
  • Deodorisation
  • Sanitising
  • Stain removal
  • Anti-microbial (for contaminated water, mould, fungus and bodily fluids/diseases)
  • Odour elimination
  • Draft/ filtration line removal
  • Pet insecticide treatments (tenants and letting agent requirement)
  • Carpet Moth treatment

These treatments all require specialist solutions and training to achieve the best results. We know that additional costs are never wanted, however to ensure you remove the problem, you are far better off having the area treated once and treated properly. We visit 2-3 home owners a week where a clean has already taken place by a company, and the treatments listed above have not been carried out properly, or have just received a general clean, meaning the problem is still there and money has been wasted. If you do not receive an additional cost to carry out the above, then your problems could be improved and you have spent out on half a clean.
Help us to keep our good reputation and have the specialist services applied correctly and professionally once.
If you are looking for a treatment not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to investigate them for you.

For any questions or get a quote please contact us.