About Us

Kesgrave Carpet Care was first established in October 2007 providing a professional carpet and Upholstery cleaning service to Suffolk.

Kesgrave Carpet Care still to this date offers the same high quality of service with a wide variety of Cleaning methods and solutions. We carry the best variety of cleaning methods available to ensure that the clean you receive the best quality clean for the best value.

We, as Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners have received the highest level of training and still are one of the only companies in the area that still follow the crucial training guide to give you a tailored service that fails to disappoint.

One of the most important factors of carpet and upholstery cleaning is to ensure you follow strict and professional guidance in order to leave you, the customer, knowing you have had a value for money service regardless of your carpets conditions.

As we have all the methods and solutions that may be required to hand at all times, we can guarantee that you will receive the best clean at the cheapest price.

If in the past you have used a company that only carries one method and a limited supply of solutions, you may have found that the results were limited and some of the soiling was not completely removed, or you may have found the service was expensive as the soiling was only light. These are some of the problems that we as a personal services we will always avoid. This is another reason to why we pride ourselves in being the best carpet and upholstery cleaning company in the area.

Rob Reeve- Proprietor

Dan Reeve- Technician

We have extensive experience in the industry, and prior to starting Kesgrave Carpet Care worked for one of the largest carpet cleaning companies in the country, gaining invaluable experiance dealing with all different types of stains, odours and damage, accessing for insurance payouts whether to restore or to recommend replacement means we have the heads up on stains, damage and what is cost effective with expected results.

We can identify all kinds of problems with carpets and upholstery that maybe caused from cleaning with DIY products of the un-trained carpet cleaners. We can see the damage that will be caused if the wrong types of method or solutions are used before its permanent. With this experience we can see problems that might occur before they do, we make sure you are aware of the possible problems so you are never disappointed and always happy with our results.

Our one main priority is to make sure you are happy, if you are happy every time, we receive repeat and recommended work and keep our prices low. You will see that when we leave your home or business, we will stress that you report any problems no matter how big or small to use as there is usually an answer.

If you use us, you will find we have all the correct answers for all your questions and if we don’t have the answers, we will find out for you. If you have used a cleaning company and feel that they could have done more for you or you would like to receive a second opinion, please feel free to contact us and have a chat.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.....